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The  NSW Greens emerged  from  a public meeting in 1984.  This meeting, led by Tony Harris discussed the formation of a green party: this resulted in the registration of the Greens as a political party.  The new party adopted the four founding principles of the German Greens: ecological sustainability, grassroots democracy, social justice and non-violence. They remain the party’s core principles. In 1991, six local groups in New South Wales federated as a state political party. Currently, there are over 50 local groups throughout NSW. The NSW Greens Party is affiliated with the Australian Greens, which is turn is part of the Global Greens network. 

By December 1997 the Sutherland Greens group was holding monthly meetings in the Woronora River Life Saving and River Patrol Club. The inaugural meeting was attended by stalwarts of the Green Party,; John Kaye, Geoff Ash and Ian Cohen. Donations from them, plus the executive and members of the Sutherland Greens allowed Sutherland Greens to support Jo-Anne Lentern. Jo-Anne Lentern ran for election in the 1998 House of Representatives elections for Hughes and again in the 1999 New South Wales Legislative Assembly Heathcote election.

Woronora Life Saving and River Patrol club houseSC

The Sutherland Greens support many local and national environment and social issues; instigated and managed public awareness campaigns and support candidates who wish to stand for election to Sutherland Shire Council, the NSW Parliament and Federal Parliament.

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