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                                                                         Renewable Energy
The recent actions of the current Federal and State governments may well destroy the renewable energy industry and thus hinder the growth of thousands of job opportunities. That they are in a position to do so, in part, is related to confusion as to what this industry can offer. Given the amount of misinformation in circulation– this is understandable. Greens NSW MP, John Kaye, has written extensively on this topic and addresses issues such as intermittent supply and storage- the core of the argument against the viability of renewable. This extract from John’s article goes to the heart of the problem

“What about days when there is no wind, and not much sun? How would you guarantee electricity supply if we are relying on wind and solar technologies?
A 100% renewables based electricity system can provide the same levels of reliability that the coal and gas power network currently provides. Successive NSW governments have misled the public by claiming that the state needs to increase its coal or gas-fired base load energy generation in order to meet rising demand and maintain reliability. Sources that produce a large amount of electricity 24 hours a day, such as coal-fired power stations, are no longer needed to secure a reliable supply. Research from the University of NSW has shown that commercially available, geographically dispersed renewable energy technologies are able to provide a consistent and reliable source of power in NSW. This includes overnight, overcast or windless days and during the summer peaks. A 2013 study by the Australian Energy Market Operator backed up these findings by using real world, hour by hour weather data to show that 100% renewable energy sources could meet current electricity demands. Renewable energy technologies such as concentrated solar thermal power also have the ability to store energy for later use. Transitioning to renewable energy will not see the lights go out in NSW – even on cloudy and windless days.”

The Greens plan to make NSW 100% renewable, the argument for renewables and accounts of countries that have a developed renewable industry can be viewed at:


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