Sutherland Greens is an affiliated member group of The Greens NSW. The purpose of this Website is to provide:                           

  • Information relating to local, national and global issues that impact the Shire.                              
  • Shire residents with an opportunity to raise and comment on issues that are  of concern or  to share their vision for the Shire.

If you want to have  a greater understanding of issues that affect aspects of our life, check out The Knowledge  Hub.  

The Australian Greens Party works to creating and maintaining a caring society and a viable economic system that supports the environmental health of our planet and its inhabitants. Our policies are directed by four guiding principles: 

          •  ecological sustainability,
          •  social justice,                    
          • non-violence grassroots democracy.

This Website specifically recognises this last principle, by providing the opportunity for Shire residents to have a say.


Sutherland Shire Council Election- 2021


I’m Martin Moore, lead candidate of a strong team for Ward A Sutherland Shire. Ward A is flanked by two National Parks. It is the birthplace of modern Australia and has an enduring and strong resonance to the traditional custodians of this land. I support Affordable Housing initiatives,  mindful development as opposed to overdevelopment and Heritage commitments honoured. I empathise with the current challenges local businesses face. Having been a Sole Trader and struggled in business in the past, I’m keen to support a ‘Local procurement policy’ with Council buying from and hiring locally, this has to benefit the Shires Economy. I’m proud of the Greens impressive anti-corruption initiatives at Federal, State and Local Government levels. I’m proud also that Greens are not funded by the Fossil Fuel Industry or Developers.


Meet the Greens team for Ward A

      • Martin Moore
      • Benjamin Woods
      • Colin Ryan

Our team has strong ties to the Shire and is determined to support ‘voters’ interests not ‘vested’ interests.  Policies and actions are based on ensuring-

      • a sustainable, healthy environment for residents and our flora and fauna
      • a people-centred affordable housing
      • a people-centred development, not overdevelopment.
      • a strong local economy- unequivocal support for the current Local Procurement Policy.


At  the level of local government, many would-be councillors   seek election to fuel their business goals or higher political ambitions, which often amounts to the same thing. The number of corruption scandals in Australian councils over the past 20 years feels like too many to mention. We know that many of these scandals are associated with development, often residential development.  For me, a growing sense of disenchantment with the management of my home LGA underpins my decision to run as a Greens candidate.  My main motivation to stand for council is a wish to help ensure that developers don’t overwhelm the natural beauty and infrastructure of the Sutherland Shire to the detriment of those who live here now and in the future.  As a Greens councillor, I will be well placed to see that the council serves voters’ interests, not vested interests. I will also be able to ensure that the Shire council doesn’t forget that there is a climate emergency. 


There is no public funding for local elections and we do not accept corporate donations so we rely on volunteers and donations from supporters.