Sutherland Greens is an affiliated member group of The Greens NSW. The purpose of this Website is to provide:                           

  • Information relating to local, national and global issues that impact the Shire.                              
  • Shire residents with an opportunity to raise and comment on issues that are  of concern or  to share their vision for the Shire.

If you want to have  a greater understanding of issues that affect aspects of our life, check out The Knowledge  Hub.  

The Australian Greens Party works to creating and maintaining a caring society and a viable economic system that supports the environmental health of our planet and its inhabitants. Our policies are directed by four guiding principles: 

          •  ecological sustainability,
          •  social justice,                    
          • non-violence grassroots democracy.

This Website specifically recognises this last principle, by providing the opportunity for Shire residents to have a say.